Puppets, shadows & magic

The Museum of Theatre Puppets will be closed until the end of 2022 while the buildings will be renovated. The buildings, some of which date to the 16th century need to be restored, and the 35 year old exhibition will be updated. We are sorry for any inconvenience!

Experience the full glamour of puppet theatre at the TheaterFigurenMuseum. Over 1,000 world-class historical artefacts - from Africa, Asia and Europe frolic in five venerable Lübeck merchant houses. Meet curios and old acquaintances, stages and barrel organs, shadow plays and as well as the estates of entire puppet player dynasties. We look forward to families, school classes, puppeteers, theatre experts and aficionados of all ages! Besides the permanent exhibition, our museum regularly organizes special exhibitions: Our guided tours offer exceptional insights into the world of puppetry. Discover rarities, gift ideas and specialist literature in our shop. Relax in our café after a guided tour or on a rainy day. Child-friendly, with delicious specialty coffees and the Puppet Theatre Lübeck right next door: www.figurentheater-luebeck.de.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday
01st of November - 30th of November
11am - 5pm

Monday - Sunday
1st of December - 31st of December
11am - 5pm

Tuesday to Sunday
1st of January - 31st of March
11am - 5pm

Monday - Sunday
1st of April - 31st of October
10am - 6pm



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23552 Lübeck

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